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hristian Science Sentinel, July 22, 1905]

   In no way nor manner did I request my church to cease
praying for the peace of nations, but simply to pause in
special prayer for peace.  And why this asking?  Because

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a spiritual foresight of the nations' drama presented
itself and awakened a wiser want, even to know how
to pray other than the daily prayer of my church, -
"Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it
is in heaven."
   I cited, as our present need, faith in God's disposal of
events.  Faith full-fledged, soaring to the Horeb height,
brings blessings infinite, and the spirit of this orison is the
fruit of rightness, - "on earth peace, good will toward
men."  On this basis the brotherhood of all peoples is
established; namely, one God, one Mind, and "Love thy
neighbor as thyself," the basis on which and by which
the infinite God, good, the Father-Mother Love, is ours
and we are His in divine Science.

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