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ew York Mail and Express]

   The movement to erect a monument to the late
Baron and Baroness de Hirsch enlists my hearty
sympathy.  They were unquestionably used in a remarkable
degree as instruments of divine Love.
   Divine Love reforms, regenerates, giving to human
weakness strength, serving as admonition, instruction, and
governing all that really is.  Divine Love is the noumenon
and phenomenon, the Principle and practice of divine
metaphysics.  Love talked and not lived is a poor shift
for the weak and worldly.  Love lived in a court or cot
is God exemplified, governing governments, industries,
human rights, liberty, life.
   In love for man we gain the only and true sense of love
for God, practical good, and so rise and still rise to His
image and likeness, and are made partakers of that Mind
whence springs the universe.
   Philanthropy is loving, ameliorative, revolutionary; it
wakens lofty desires, new possibilities, achievements, and
energies; it lays the axe at the root of the tree that
bringeth not forth good fruit; it touches thought to
spiritual issues, systematizes action, and insures success;

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it starts the wheels of right reason, revelation, justice, and
mercy; it unselfs men and pushes on the ages.  Love
unfolds marvellous good and uncovers hidden evil.  The
philanthropist or reformer gives little thought to self-defence;
his life's incentive and sacrifice need no apology.
The good done and the good to do are his ever-present
   Love for mankind is the elevator of the human race;
it demonstrates Truth and reflects divine Love.  Good is
divinely natural.  Evil is unnatural; it has no origin in
the nature of God, and He is the Father of all.
   The great Galilean Prophet was, is, the reformer of
reformers.  His piety partook not of the travesties of human
opinions, pagan mysticisms, tribal religion, Greek philosophy,
creed, dogma, or materia medica.  The divine
Mind was his only instrumentality in religion or
medicine.  The so-called laws of matter he eschewed; with
him matter was not the auxiliary of Spirit.  He never
appealed to matter to perform the functions of Spirit,
divine Love.
   Jesus cast out evil, disease, death, showing that all
suffering is commensurate with sin; therefore, he cast
out devils and healed the sick.  He showed that every
effect or amplification of wrong will revert to the wrongdoer;
that sin punishes itself; hence his saying, "Sin
no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."  Love
atones for sin through love that destroys sin.  His rod
is love.
   We cannot remake ourselves, but we can make the
best of what God has made.  We can know that all is
good because God made all, and that evil is not a
fatherly grace.

MY 289

   All education is work.  The thing most important is
what we do, not what we say.  God's open secret is seen
through grace, truth, and love.
   I enclose a check for five hundred dollars for the
De Hirsch monument fund.

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