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  Mr. William B. Johnson, C.S.B., Clerk

   Beloved Student: - I deem it proper that The Mother
Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, the
first church of Christian Science known on earth, should
upon this solemn occasion congregate; that a special meeting
of its First Members convene for the sacred purpose of
expressing our deep sympathy with the bereaved nation,
its loss and the world's loss, in the sudden departure of
the late lamented Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and
Empress of India, - long honored, revered, beloved.
"God save the Queen" is heard no more in England, but
this shout of love lives on in the heart of millions.
                                        With love,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
                                        January 27, 1901

   It being inconvenient for me to attend the memorial
meeting in the South Congregational church on Sunday
evening, February 3, I herewith send a few words of condolence,
which may be read on that tender occasion.
   I am interested in a meeting to be held in the capital
of my native State in memoriam of the late lamented
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India.

MY 290

It betokens a love and a loss felt by the strong hearts
of New England and the United States.  When contemplating
this sudden international bereavement, the near
seems afar, the distant nigh, and the tried and true seem
few.  The departed Queen's royal and imperial honors
lose their lustre in the tomb, but her personal virtues can
never be lost.  Those live on in the affection of nations.
   Few sovereigns have been as venerable, revered, and
beloved as this noble woman, born in 1819, married in
1840, and deceased the first month of the new century.

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