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   Imperative, accumulative, holy demands rested on the
life and labors of our late beloved President, William
McKinley.  Presiding over the destinies of a nation
meant more to him than a mere rehearsal of aphorisms,
a uniting of breaches soon to widen, a quiet assent or
dissent.  His work began with heavy strokes, measured
movements, reaching from the infinitesimal to the
infinite.  It began by warming the marble of politics
into zeal according to wisdom, quenching the volcanoes
of partizanship, and uniting the interests of all
peoples; and it ended with a universal good overcoming
   His home relations enfolded a wealth of affection, - a
tenderness not talked but felt and lived.  His humanity,
weighed in the scales of divinity, was not found wanting.
His public intent was uniform, consistent, sympathetic,
and so far as it fathomed the abyss of difficulties was
wise, brave, unselfed.  May his history waken a tone
of truth that shall reverberate, renew euphony, emphasize
humane power, and bear its banner into the vast
   While our nation's ensign of peace and prosperity
waves over land and sea, while her reapers are strong,
her sheaves garnered, her treasury filled, she is suddenly
stricken, - called to mourn the loss of her renowned
leader!  Tears blend with her triumphs.  She stops to
think, to mourn, yea, to pray, that the God of harvests
send her more laborers, who, while they work for their
own country, shall sacredly regard the liberty of other
peoples and the rights of man.

MY 292

   What cannot love and righteousness achieve for the
race?  All that can be accomplished, and more than history
has yet recorded.  All good that ever was written,
taught, or wrought comes from God and human faith in
the right.  Through divine Love the right government is
assimilated, the way pointed out, the process shortened,
and the joy of acquiescence consummated.  May God
sanctify our nation's sorrow in this wise, and His rod
and His staff comfort the living as it did the departing.
O may His love shield, support, and comfort the chief
mourner at the desolate home!

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