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   I have not had sufficient interest in the matter to read
or to note from others' reading what the enemies of
Christian Science are said to be circulating regarding my
history, but my friends have read Sibyl Wilbur's book,

MY 298

"The Life of Mary Baker Eddy," and request the privilege
of buying, circulating, and recommending it to the
public.  I briefly declare that nothing has occurred in my
life's experience which, if correctly narrated and understood,
could injure me; and not a little is already reported
of the good accomplished therein, the self-sacrifice,
etc., that has distinguished all my working years.
   I thank Miss Wilbur and the Concord Publishing Company
for their unselfed labors in placing this book before
the public, and hereby say that they have my permission
to publish and circulate this work.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

MY 299

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