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etter to the New York Commercial Advertiser]

   Over the signature "A Priest of the Church,"
somebody, kindly referring to my address to First
Church of Christ, Scientist, in Concord, N. H., writes:
"If they hristian Scientists] have any truth to reveal
which has not been revealed by the church or the Bible,
let them make it known to the world, before they claim
the allegiance of mankind."
   I submit that Christian Science has been widely made
known to the world, and that it contains the entire
truth of the Scriptures, as also whatever portions of truth
may be found in creeds.  In addition to this, Christian
Science presents the demonstrable divine Principle and
rules of the Bible, hitherto undiscovered in the translations
of the Bible and lacking in the creeds.
   Therefore I query:  Do Christians, who believe in sin,
and especially those who claim to pardon sin, believe
that God is good, and that God is All?  Christian
Scientists firmly subscribe to this statement; yea, they
understand it and the law governing it, namely, that
God, the divine Principle of Christian Science, is

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"of purer eyes than to behold evil."  On this basis they
endeavor to cast out the belief in sin or in aught
besides God, thus enabling the sinner to overcome
sin according to the Scripture, "Work out your own
salvation with fear and trembling.  For it is God which
worketh in you both to will and to do of His good
   Does he who believes in sickness know or declare that
there is no sickness or disease, and thus heal disease?
Christian Scientists, who do not believe in the reality
of disease, heal disease, for the reason that the divine
Principle of Christian Science, demonstrated, heals the
most inveterate diseases.  Does he who believes in
death understand or aver that there is no death, and
proceed to overcome "the last enemy" and raise the
dying to health?  Christian Scientists raise the dying to
health in Christ's name, and are striving to reach the
summit of Jesus' words, "If a man keep my saying, he
shall never see death."
   If, as this kind priest claims, these things, inseparable
from Christian Science, are common to his church, we
propose that he make known his doctrine to the world,
that he teach the Christianity which heals, and send out
students according to Christ's command, "Go ye into all
the world, and preach the gospel to every creature,"
"Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast
out devils."
   The tree is known by its fruit.  If, as he implies,
Christian Science is not a departure from the first century
churches, - as surely it is not, - why persecute
it?  Are the churches opening fire on their own religious
ranks, or are they attacking a peaceable party quite

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their antipode?  Christian Science is a reflected glory;
it shines with borrowed rays - from Light emitting light.
Christian Science is the new-old Christianity, that which
was and is the revelation of divine Love.
   The present flux in religious faith may be found to be
a healthy fermentation, by which the lees of religion will
be lost, dogma and creed will pass off in scum, leaving a
solid Christianity at the bottom - a foundation for the
builders.  I would that all the churches on earth could
unite as brethren in one prayer:  Father, teach us the
life of Love.
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,

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