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etter to the New York World]

   Is faith in divine metaphysics insanity?
   All sin is insanity, but healing the sick is not sin.
There is a universal insanity which mistakes fable for
fact throughout the entire testimony of the material
senses.  Those unfortunate people who are committed to
insane asylums are only so many well-defined instances
of the baneful effects of illusion on mortal minds and
bodies.  The supposition that we can correct insanity
by the use of drugs is in itself a species of insanity.  A
drug cannot of itself go to the brain or affect cerebral
conditions in any manner whatever.  Drugs cannot
remove inflammation, restore disordered functions, or
destroy disease without the aid of mind.
   If mind be absent from the body, drugs can produce
no curative effect upon the body.  The mind must

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be, is, the vehicle of all modes of healing disease and of
producing disease.  Through the mandate of mind or
according to a man's belief, can he be helped or be killed
by a drug; but mind, not matter, produces the result in
either case.
   Neither life nor death, health nor disease, can be produced
on a corpse, whence mind has departed.  This
self-evident fact is proof that mind is the cause of all
effect made manifest through so-called matter.  The
general craze is that matter masters mind; the specific
insanity is that brain, matter, is insane.

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