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etter to the New York Herald]

   It is a fact well understood that I begged the students
who first gave me the endearing appellative "Mother,"
not to name me thus.  But without my consent, the use
of the word spread like wildfire.  I still must think the
name is not applicable to me.  I stand in relation to
this century as a Christian Discoverer, Founder, and
Leader.  I regard self-deification as blasphemous.  I may
be more loved, but I am less lauded, pampered, provided
for, and cheered than others before me - and
wherefore?  Because Christian Science is not yet popular, and
I refuse adulation.
   My first visit to The Mother Church after it was built
and dedicated pleased me, and the situation was
satisfactory.  The dear members wanted to greet me with escort
and the ringing of bells, but I declined and went alone in
my carriage to the church, entered it, and knelt in thanks
upon the steps of its altar.  There the foresplendor of

MY 303

the beginnings of truth fell mysteriously upon my spirit.
I believe in one Christ, teach one Christ, know of but
one Christ.  I believe in but one incarnation, one Mother
Mary.  I know that I am not that one, and I have never
claimed to be.  It suffices me to learn the Science of the
Scriptures relative to this subject.
   Christian Scientists have no quarrel with Protestants,
Catholics, or any other sect.  Christian Scientists need to
be understood as following the divine Principle - God,
Love - and not imagined to be unscientific worshippers
of a human being.
   In his article, of which I have seen only extracts, Mark
Twain's wit was not wasted in certain directions.  Christian
Science eschews divine rights in human beings.
If the individual governed human consciousness, my
statement of Christian Science would be disproved;
but to demonstrate Science and its pure monotheism
- one God, one Christ, no idolatry, no human propaganda
- it is essential to understand the spiritual idea.
Jesus taught and proved that what feeds a few feeds
all.  His life-work subordinated the material to the
spiritual, and he left his legacy of truth to
mankind.  His metaphysics is not the sport of philosophy,
religion, or science; rather is it the pith and finale of
them all.
   I have not the inspiration nor the aspiration to be
a first or second Virgin-mother - her duplicate, antecedent,
or subsequent.  What I am remains to be proved
by the good I do.  We need much humility, wisdom,
and love to perform the functions of foreshadowing and
foretasting heaven within us.  This glory is molten in
the furnace of affliction.

MY 304

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