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oston Journal, June 8, 1903]

   I was early a pupil of Miss Sarah J. Bodwell, the
principal of Sanbornton Academy, New Hampshire, and
finished my course of studies under Professor Dyer
H. Sanborn, author of Sanborn's Grammar.  Among
my early studies were Comstock's Natural Philosophy,
Chemistry, Blair's Rhetoric, Whateley's Logic, Watt's
"On the Mind and Moral Science."  At sixteen years
of age, I began writing for the leading newspapers, and
for many years I wrote for the best magazines in the
South and North.  I have lectured in large and crowded
halls in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Portland,
and at Waterville College, and have been invited to
lecture in London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland.
In 1883, I started The Christian Science Journal, and
for several years was the proprietor and sole editor of
that periodical.  In 1893, Judge S. J. Hanna became
editor of The Christian Science Journal, and for ten
subsequent years he knew my ability as an editor.  In
a lecture in Chicago, he said: "Mrs. Eddy is from
every point of view a woman of sound education and
liberal culture."
   Agassiz, the celebrated naturalist and author, wisely
said: "Every great scientific truth goes through three
stages.  First, people say it conflicts with the Bible.
Next, they say it has been discovered before.  Lastly,
they say they have always believed it."
   The first attack upon me was:  Mrs. Eddy misinterprets
the Scriptures; second, she has stolen the contents of her
book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"

MY 305

from one P. P. Quimby (an obscure, uneducated man),
and that he is the founder of Christian Science.  Failing
in these attempts, the calumniator has resorted to Ralph
Waldo Emerson's philosophy as the authority for Christian
Science!  Lastly, the defamer will declare as honestly (?),
"I have always known it."
   In Science and Health, page 68, third paragraph, I
briefly express myself unmistakably on the subject of
"vulgar metaphysics," and the manuscripts and letters
in my possession, which "vulgar" defamers have circulated,
stand in evidence.  People do not know who is
referred to as "an ignorant woman in New Hampshire."
Many of the nation's best and most distinguished men
and women were natives of the Granite State.
   I am the author of the Christian Science textbook,
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;" and
the demand for this book constantly increases.  I am
rated in the National Magazine (1903) as "standing
eighth in a list of twenty-two of the foremost living
   I claim no special merit of any kind.  All that I am
in reality, God has made me.  I still wait at the cross to
learn definitely more from my great Master, but not
of the Greek nor of the Roman schools - simply how to
do his works.

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