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   My recent reply to the reprint of a scandal in the
Literary Digest was not a question of "Who shall be
greatest?" but of "Who shall be just?"  Who is or is
not the founder of Christian Science was not the trend
of thought, but my purpose was to lift the curtain on

MY 306

wrong, on falsehood which persistently misrepresents
my character, education, and authorship, and attempts
to narrow my life into a conflict for fame.
   Far be it from me to tread on the ashes of the dead or
to dissever any unity that may exist between Christian
Science and the philosophy of a great and good man, for
such was Ralph Waldo Emerson; and I deem it unwise to
enter into a newspaper controversy over a question that
is no longer a question.  The false should be antagonized
only for the purpose of making the true apparent.  I have
quite another purpose in life than to be thought great.
Time and goodness determine greatness.  The greatest
reform, with almost unutterable truths to translate,
must wait to be transfused into the practical and
to be understood in the "new tongue."  Age, with
experience-acquired patience and unselfed love, waits
on God.  Human merit or demerit will find its proper
level.  Divinity alone solves the problem of humanity,
and that in God's own time.  "By their fruits ye
shall know them."

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