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   In 1862, when I first visited Dr. Quimby of Portland,
Me., his scribblings were descriptions of his patients, and
these comprised the manuscripts which in 1887 I advertised
that I would pay for having published.  Before his
decease, in January, 1866, Dr. Quimby had tried to get
them published and had failed.
   Quotations have been published, purporting to be Dr.
Quimby's own words, which were written while I was his
patient in Portland and holding long conversations with
him on my views of mental therapeutics.  Some words in

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these quotations certainly read like words that I said to
him, and which I, at his request, had added to his
copy when I corrected it.  In his conversations with
me and in his scribblings, the word science was not
used at all, till one day I declared to him that back
of his magnetic treatment and manipulation of patients,
there was a science, and it was the science of mind,
which had nothing to do with matter, electricity, or
   After this I noticed he used that word, as well as other
terms which I employed that seemed at first new to him.
He even acknowledged this himself, and startled me by
saying what I cannot forget - it was this: "I see now
what you mean, and I see that I am John, and that you
are Jesus."
   At that date I was a staunch orthodox, and my theological
belief was offended by his saying and I entered a demurrer
which rebuked him.  But afterwards I concluded
that he only referred to the coming anew of Truth, which
we both desired; for in some respects he was quite a seer
and understood what I said better than some others did.
For one so unlearned, he was a remarkable man.  Had
his remark related to my personality, I should still think
that it was profane.
   At first my case improved wonderfully under his
treatment, but it relapsed.  I was gradually emerging
from materia medica, dogma, and creeds, and drifting
whither I knew not.  This mental struggle might have
caused my illness.  The fallacy of materia medica, its
lack of science, and the want of divinity in scholastic
theology, had already dawned on me.  My idealism,
however, limped, for then it lacked Science.  But

MY 308

the divine Love will accomplish what all the powers
of earth combined can never prevent being accomplished
- the advent of divine healing and its divine

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