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record may state that my divorce from Dr. Patterson was
granted on the ground of desertion, the cause nevertheless
was adultery.  Individuals are here to-day who were
present in court when the decision was given by the judge
and who know the following facts:  After the evidence
had been submitted that a husband was about to have Dr.
Patterson arrested for eloping with his wife, the court
instructed the clerk to record the divorce in my favor.
What prevented Dr. Patterson's arrest was a letter from
me to this self-same husband, imploring him not to do it.
When this husband recovered his wife, he kept her a
prisoner in her home, and I was also the means of reconciling
the couple.  A Christian Scientist has told me that
with tears of gratitude the wife of this husband related
these facts to her just as I have stated them.  I lived
with Dr. Patterson peaceably, and he was kind to me up
to the time of the divorce.
   The following affidavit by R. D. Rounsevel of Littleton,
N. H., proprietor of the White Mountain House, Fabyans,

MY 315

N. H., the original of which is in my possession, is of
interest in this connection: -

   About the year 1874, Dr. Patterson, a dentist, boarded
with me in Littleton, New Hampshire.  During his stay,
at different times, I had conversation with him about his
wife, from whom he was separated.  He spoke of her being
a pure and Christian woman, and the cause of the separation
being wholly on his part; that if he had done as he
ought, he might have had as pleasant and happy home as
one could wish for.
   At that time I had no knowledge of who his wife was.
Later on I learned that Mary Baker G. Eddy, the Discoverer
and Founder of Christian Science, was the abovementioned
                                        (Signed) R. D. Rounsevel

   Grafton S. S. Jan'y, 1902.  Then personally appeared
R. D. Rounsevel and made oath that the within statement
by him signed is true.

   Before me,                     (Signed) H. M. Morse,
                                        Justice of the Peace

   Who or what is the McClure "history," so called,
presenting?  Is it myself, the veritable Mrs. Eddy, whom
the New York World declared dying of cancer, or is it
her alleged double or dummy heretofore described?
   If indeed it be I, allow me to thank the enterprising
historians for the testimony they have thereby given of the
divine power of Christian Science, which they admit has
snatched me from the cradle and the grave, and made
me the beloved Leader of millions of the good men and
women in our own and in other countries, - and all this

MY 316

because the truth I have promulgated has separated the
tares from the wheat, uniting in one body those who love
Truth; because Truth divides between sect and Science
and renews the heavenward impulse; because I still hear
the harvest song of the Redeemer awakening the nations,
causing man to love his enemies; because "blessed are ye,
when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall
say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

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