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hristian Science Sentinel, January 19, 1907]

   The article in the January number of The Arena magazine,
entitled "The Recent Reckless and Irresponsible
Attacks on Christian Science and its Founder, with a
Survey of the Christian Science Movement," by the
scholarly editor, Mr. B. O. Flower, is a grand defence of
our Cause and its Leader.  Such a dignified, eloquent
appeal to the press in behalf of common justice and truth
demands public attention.  It defends human rights and
the freedom of Christian sentiments, and tends to turn
back the foaming torrents of ignorance, envy, and malice.
I am pleased to find this "twentieth-century review of
opinion" once more under Mr. Flower's able guardianship
and manifesting its unbiased judgment by such sound
appreciation of the rights of Christian Scientists and of
all that is right.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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