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   The following letters from students of Mrs. Eddy
confirm her statement regarding the work which the
Rev. Mr. Wiggin did for her, and also indicate what he
himself thought of that work and of Mrs. Eddy: -

   My Dear Teacher: - I am conversant with some facts
which perhaps have not come under the observation of
many of your students, and considering the questions
which have recently appeared, it may interest you to be
advised that I have this information.  On the tenth day of
January, 1887, I entered your Primary class at Boston.
A few days later, in conversation with you about the
preparation of a theme, you suggested that I call on the
late J. Henry Wiggin to assist me in analyzing and arranging
the topics, which I did about the twentieth of the
above-named month.  These dates are very well fixed in
my memory, as I considered the time an important one
in my experience, and do so still.  I also recall very
plainly the conversation with you in general as regards
Mr. Wiggin.  You told me that he had done some literary

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work for you and that he was a fine literary student and
a good proofreader.
   Upon calling on Mr. Wiggin, I presented my matter for
a theme to him, and he readily consented to assist me,
which he did.  He also seemed very much pleased to
converse about you and your work, and I found that his
statement of what he had done for you exactly agreed
with what you had told me.  He also expressed himself
freely as to his high regard for you as a Christian lady,
as an author, and as a student of ability.  Mr. Wiggin
spoke of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
as being a very unique book, and seemed quite
proud of his having had something to do with some
editions.  He always spoke of you as the author of this
book and the author of all your works.  Mr. Wiggin
did not claim to be a Christian Scientist, but was in
a measure in sympathy with the movement, although
he did not endorse all the statements in your textbook;
but his tendency was friendly.
   I called on Mr. Wiggin several times while I was in your
Primary class at the time above referred to, and several
times subsequent thereto, and he always referred to you as
the author of your works and spoke of your ability without
any hesitation or restriction.  Our conversations were at
times somewhat long and went into matters of detail
regarding your work, and I am of the opinion that he
was proud of his acquaintance with you.
   I saw Mr. Wiggin several times after the class closed,
and the last conversation I had with him was at the
time of the dedication of the first Mother Church edifice
in 1895.  I met him in the vestibule of the church
and he spoke in a very animated manner of your

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grand demonstration in building this church for your
followers.  He seemed very proud to think that he had
been in a way connected with your work, but he always
referred to you as the one who had accomplished this
great work.
   My recollections of Mr. Wiggin place him as one
of your devoted and faithful friends, one who knew
who and what you are, also your position as regards
your published works; and he always gave you that
position without any restriction.  I believe that Mr.
Wiggin was an honest man and that he told the same
story to every one with whom he had occasion to talk,
so I cannot believe that he has ever said anything
whatever of you and your relations to your published
works differing from what he talked so freely in my

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