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   There is nothing in the circumstances which have
arisen recently, and the manner in which the statements
have been made, to change my opinion one iota in this
   It will soon be twenty years since I first saw you and
entered your class.  During that time, from my connection
with the church, the Publishing Society, and my
many conversations with you, my personal knowledge of
the authorship of your works is conclusive to me in every
detail, and I am very glad that I was among your early
students and have had this experience and know of my
own personal knowledge what has transpired during the
past twenty years.
   I am also pleased to have had conversations with
people who knew you years before I did, and who have
told me of their knowledge of your work.

MY 322

   It is not long since I met a lady who lived in Lynn,
and she told me she knew you when you were writing
Science and Health, and that she had seen the
manuscript.  These are facts which cannot be controverted
and they must stand.
                                        Your affectionate student,
                                        Edward P. Bates
                                        Boston, Mass., November 21, 1906

   My Beloved Teacher: - I have just read your statement
correcting mistakes widely published about the
Rev. James H. Wiggin's work for and attitude towards
you; also Mr. Edward P. Bates' letter to you on the
same subject; which reminds me of a conversation I
had with Mr. Wiggin on Thanksgiving Day twenty
years ago, when a friend and I were the guests invited
to dine with the Wiggin family.
   I had seen you the day before at the Metaphysical
College and received your permission to enter the next
Primary class (Jan. 10, 1887).  During the evening my
friend spoke of my journeying from the far South, and
waiting months in Boston on the bare hope of a few
days' instruction by Mrs. Eddy in Christian Science.
She and Mrs. Wiggin seemed inclined to banter me on
such enthusiasm, but Mr. Wiggin kindly helped me by
advancing many good points in the Science, which were
so clearly stated that I was surprised when he told me
he was not a Christian Scientist.
   Seeing my great interest in the subject, he told me
of his acquaintance with you and spoke earnestly and
beautifully of you and your work.  The exact words I
do not recall, but the impression he left with me was

MY 323

entirely in accordance with what Mr. Bates has so well
written in the above-mentioned letter.  Before we left
that evening, Mr. Wiggin gave me a pamphlet entitled
"Christian Science and the Bible," by "Phare Pleigh,"
which he said he had written in answer to an unfair
criticism of you and your book by some minister in the
far West.  I have his little book yet.  How long must it
be before the people find out that you have so identified
yourself with the truth by loving it and living it that you
are not going to lie about anything nor willingly leave
any false impression.
   In loving gratitude for your living witness to Truth

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