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   Dear Editor: - I send for publication in our periodicals
the following deeply interesting letter from Elizabeth Earl
Jones of Asheville, N. C., - the State where my husband,
Major George W. Glover, passed on and up, the State
that so signally honored his memory, where with wet eyes
the Free Masons laid on his bier the emblems of a master
Mason, and in long procession with tender dirge bore his
remains to their last resting-place.  Deeply grateful, I
recognize the divine hand in turning the hearts of the noble

MY 327

Southrons of North Carolina legally to protect the practice
of Christian Science in that State.
   Is it not a memorable coincidence that, in the Court of
New Hampshire, my native State, and in the Legislature
of North Carolina, they have the same year, in 1903, made
it legal to practise Christian Science in these States?
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
October 16, 1903

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