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   Beloved Leader: - I know the enclosed article will make
your heart glad, as it has made glad the hearts of all the
Christian Scientists in North Carolina.  This is the result
of the work done at last winter's term of our Legislature,
when a medical bill was proposed calculated to limit or
stop the practice of Christian Science in our State.  An
amendment was obtained by Miss Mary Hatch Harrison
and a few other Scientists who stayed on the field until the
last.  After the amendment had been passed, an old law,
or rather a section of an act in the Legislature regulating
taxes, was changed as follows, because the representative
men of our dear State did not wish to be "discourteous
to the Christian Scientists."  The section formerly
read, "pretended healers," but was changed to read as
follows: "All other professionals who practise the art of
healing," etc.
   We thank our heavenly Father for this dignified
legal protection and recognition, and look forward to
the day, not far distant, when the laws of every State
will dignify the ministry of Christ as taught and practised
in Christian Science, and as lived by our dear,

MY 328

dear Leader, even as God has dignified, blessed, and
prospered it, and her.
                                        With devoted love,
                                        Elizabeth Earl Jones
                                        105 Bailey St., Asheville, N. C.,
                                        October 11, 1903

   The following article, copied from the Raleigh (N. C.)
News and Observer, is the one referred to in Miss Jones'
letter: -

   The Christian Science people, greatly pleased at the
law affecting them passed by the last Legislature, are
apt also to be pleased with the fact that the law recognizes
them as healers, and that it gives them a license
to heal.  This license of five dollars annually, required
of physicians, has been required of them, and how this
came about in Kinston is told in the Kinston Free Press
as follows: -

   Sheriff Wooten issued licenses yesterday to two
Christian Science healers in this city.  This is probably
the first to be issued to the healers of this sect in the
   Upon the request of a prominent healer of the church,
the section of the machinery act of the Legislature covering
it was shown, whereupon application for license was
made and obtained.
   The section, after enumerating the different professions
for which a license must be obtained to carry them on in
this State, further says, "and all other professionals who
practise the art of healing for pay, shall pay a license fee
of five dollars."

MY 329

   This was construed to include the healers of the Christian

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