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Science church, and license was accordingly taken
   The idea prevails that the last General Assembly of
North Carolina relieved the healers of this sect from paying
this fee, but this is not so.  The board only excused them
from a medical examination before a board of medical

   Mrs. Eddy's reference to the death of her husband,
Major George W. Glover, gives especial interest to the
following letter from Newbern, N. C., which appeared
in the Wilmington (N. C.) Dispatch, October 24, 1903.
Mrs. Eddy has in her possession photographed copies of
the notice of her husband's death and of her brother's
letter, taken from the Wilmington (N. C.) Chronicle as
they appear in that paper in the issues of July 3 and
August 21, 1844, respectively.  The photographs are verified
by the certificate of a notary public and were presented
to Mrs. Eddy by Miss Harrison.

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