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   The following views of the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy
upon the subject of the Trinity, are known to us to be
those uniformly held and expressed by her.  A reference
to her writings will fully corroborate this statement. -
Editor Sentinel.

   The contents of the last lecture of our dear brother,
on the subject "The Unknown God Made Known,"
were unknown to me till after the lecture was delivered
in Boston, April 5.
   The members of the Board of Lectureship are not
allowed to consult me relative to their subjects or the
handling thereof, owing to my busy life, and they seek a
higher source for wisdom and guidance.  The talented
author of this lecture has a heart full of love towards
God and man.  For once he may have overlooked the
construction that people unfamiliar with his broad
views and loving nature might put on his comparisons
and ready humor.  But all Christian Scientists deeply
recognize the oneness of Jesus - that he stands alone
in word and deed, the visible discoverer, founder, demonstrator,
and great Teacher of Christianity, whose
sandals none may unloose.
   The Board of Lectureship is absolutely inclined to
be, and is instructed to be, charitable towards all, and

MY 339

hating none.  The purpose of its members is to subserve
the interest of mankind, and to cement the bonds
of Christian brotherhood, whose every link leads upward
in the chain of being.  The cardinal points of
Christian Science cannot be lost sight of, namely - one
God, supreme, infinite, and one Christ Jesus.
   The Board of Lectureship is specially requested to be
wise in discoursing on the great subject of Christian
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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