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pecial contribution to "Bohemia."  A symposium]

   Most thinkers concede that Science is the law of God;
that matter is not a law-maker; that man is not the
author of Science, and that a phenomenon is chimerical,
unless it be the manifestation of a fixed Principle whose
noumenon is God and whose phenomenon is Science.

MY 348

   My discovery that mankind is absolutely healed of so-called
disease and injuries by other than drugs, surgery,
hygiene, electricity, magnetism, or will-power, induced a
deep research, which proved conclusively that all effect
must be the offspring of a universal cause.  I sought this
cause, not within but ab extra, and I found it was God
made manifest in the flesh, and understood through divine
Science.  Then I was healed, and the greatest of all questions
was solved sufficiently to give a reason for the hope
that was within me.
   The religious departure from divine Science sprang from
the belief that the man Jesus, rather than his divine Principle,
God, saves man, and that materia medica heals him.
The writer's departure from such a religion was based upon
her discovery that neither man nor materia medica, but
God, heals and saves mankind.
   Here, however, was no stopping-place, since Science
demanded a rational proof that the divine Mind heals
the sick and saves the sinner.  God unfolded the way, the
demonstration thereof was made, and the certainty of its
value to the race firmly established.  I had found unmistakably
an actual, unfailing causation, enshrined in the
divine Principle and in the laws of man and the universe,
which, never producing an opposite effect, demonstrated
Christianity and proved itself Science, for it healed the
sick and reformed the sinner on a demonstrable Principle
and given rule.  The human demonstrator of this Science
may mistake, but the Science remains the law of God -
infallible, eternal.  Divine Life, Truth, Love is the basic
Principle of all Science, it solves the problem of being;
and nothing that worketh ill can enter into the solution
of God's problems.

MY 349:
   God is Mind, and divine Mind was first chronologically,
is first potentially, and is the healer to whom all
things are possible.  A scientific state of health is a
consciousness of health, holiness, immortality - a consciousness
gained through Christ, Truth; while disease
is a mental state or error that Truth destroys.  It is self-evident
that matter, or the body, cannot cause disease,
since disease is in a sense susceptible of both ease and
dis-ease, and matter is not sensible.  Kant, Locke, Berkeley,
Tyndall, and Spencer afford little aid in understanding
divine metaphysics or its therapeutics.  Christian
Science is a divine largess, a gift of God - understood
by and divinely natural to him who sits at the feet of
Jesus clothed in truth, who is putting off the hypothesis
of matter because he is conscious of the allness of God -
"looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."
Thus the great Way-shower, invested with glory, is understood,
and his words and works illustrate "the way, the
truth, and the life."
   Divine modes or manifestations are natural, beyond
the so-called natural sciences and human philosophy,
because they are spiritual, and coexist with the God of
nature in absolute Science.  The laws of God, or divine
Mind, obtain not in material phenomena, or phenomenal
evil, which is lawless and traceable to mortal mind -
human will divorced from Science.

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