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   Inductive or deductive reasoning is correct only as it
is spiritual, induced by love and deduced from God,
Spirit; only as it makes manifest the infinite nature,
including all law and supplying all the needs of man.
Wholly hypothetical, inductive reasoning reckons creation
as its own creator, seeks cause in effect, and from atom

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and dust draws its conclusions of Deity and man, law and
gospel, leaving science at the beck of material phenomena,
or leaving it out of the question.  To begin with the
divine noumenon, Mind, and to end with the phenomenon,
matter, is minus divine logic and plus human hypothesis,
with its effects, sin, disease, and death.  It was
in this dilemma that revelation, uplifting human reason,
came to the writer's rescue, when calmly and rationally,
though faintly, she spiritually discerned the divine idea
of the cosmos and Science of man.

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