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      Father, did'st not Thou the dark wave treading
      Lift from despair the struggler with the sea?
      And heed'st Thou not the scalding tear man's shedding,
      And know'st Thou not the pathway glad and free?

      This weight of anguish which they blindly bind
      On earth, this bitter searing to the core of love;
      This crushing out of health and peace, mankind -
      Thou all, Thou infinite - dost doom above.

      Oft mortal sense is darkened unto death
      (The Stygian shadow of a world of glee);
      The old foundations of an early faith
      Sunk from beneath man, whither shall he flee?

      To Love divine, whose kindling mighty rays
      Brighten the horoscope of crumbling creeds,
      Dawn Truth delightful, crowned with endless days,
      And Science ripe in prayer, in word, and deeds.

MY 351

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