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   No man can serve two masters:  for either he will hate the one,
and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the
other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon. - Matthew 6:24.

   The infinite is one, and this one is Spirit; Spirit is
God, and this God is infinite good.
   This simple statement of oneness is the only possible
correct version of Christian Science.  God being infinite,

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He is the only basis of Science; hence materiality is wholly
apart from Christian Science, and is only a "Suffer it to
be so now" until we arrive at the spiritual fulness of God,
Spirit, even the divine idea of Christian Science, -
Christ, born of God, the offspring of Spirit, - wherein
matter has neither part nor portion, because matter is the
absolute opposite of spiritual means, manifestation, and
demonstration.  The only incentive of a mistaken sense
is malicious animal magnetism, - the name of all evil, -
and this must be understood.
   I have crowned The Mother Church building with the
spiritual modesty of Christian Science, which is its jewel.
When my dear brethren in New York desire to build
higher, - to enlarge their phylacteries and demonstrate
Christian Science to a higher extent, - they must begin
on a wholly spiritual foundation, than which there is no
other, and proportionably estimate their success and
glory of achievement only as they build upon the rock of
Christ, the spiritual foundation.  This will open the way,
widely and impartially, to their never-ending success, -
to salvation and eternal Christian Science.
   Spirit is infinite; therefore Spirit is all.  "There is no
matter" is not only the axiom of true Christian Science,
but it is the only basis upon which this Science can be

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