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Mrs. Augusta E. Stetson, New York City

   Beloved Student: - I have just finished reading your
interesting letter.  I thank you for acknowledging me as
your Leader, and I know that every true follower of

MY 358

Christian Science abides by the definite rules which demonstrate
the true following of their Leader; therefore,
if you are sincere in your protestations and are doing as
you say you are, you will be blessed in your obedience.
   The Scriptures say, "Watch and pray, that ye enter
not into temptation."  You are aware that animal magnetism
is the opposite of divine Science, and that this
opponent is the means whereby the conflict against
Truth is engendered and developed.  Beloved! you need
to watch and pray that the enemy of good cannot separate
you from your Leader and best earthly friend.
   You have been duly informed by me that, however
much I desire to read all that you send to me, I have not
the time to do so.  The Christian Science Publishing
Society will settle the question whether or not they shall
publish your poems.  It is part of their duties to relieve
me of so much labor.
   I thank you for the money you send me which was
given you by your students.  I shall devote it to a worthy
and charitable purpose.
   Mr. Adam Dickey is my secretary, through whom all
my business is transacted.
   Give my best wishes and love to your dear students
and church.
                                        Lovingly your teacher and Leader,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Box G, Brookline, Mass.,
                                        July 12, 1909

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