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Come, in the minstrel's lay;
   When two hearts meet,
   And true hearts greet,
And all is morn and May.

Come Thou! and now, anew,
   To thought and deed
   Give sober speed,
Thy will to know, and do.

Stay! till the storms are o'er - 
   The cold blasts done,
   The reign of heaven begun,
And Love, the evermore.

Be patient, waiting heart:
   Light, Love divine
   Is here, and thine;
You therefore cannot part.

"The seasons come and go:
   Love, like the sea,
   Rolls on with thee, - 
But knows no ebb and flow.

PO 37

"Faith, hope, and tears, triune,
   Above the sod
   Find peace in God,
And one eternal noon."

Oh, Thou hast heard my prayer;
   And I am blest!
   This is Thy high behest:
Thou, here and everywhere.

PO 38

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