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   Beyond the clouds, away
   In the dim distance, lay
   A bright and golden shower
   At sunset's radiant hour, - 
Like to the soul's glad immortality,
   Making this life divine,
   Making its waters wine,
Giving the glory that eye cannot see.

   In God there is no night, - 
   Truth is eternal light,
   A help forever near;
   For sinless sense is here
In Truth, the Life, the Principle of man.
   Away, then, mortal sense!
   Then, error, get thee hence,
Thy discord ne'er in harmony began!

   Immortal Truth, - since heaven rang,
   The while the glad stars sang
   To hail creation's glorious morn - 
   As when this babe was born,
   A painless heraldry of Soul, not sense, - 
   Shine on our 'wildered way,
   Give God's idea sway,
   And sickness, sin, and death are banished

Lynn, Mass., April, 1871.

PO 71

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