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This is the hour they then foretold - 
   When earth, inebriate with crime,
Laughed right to scorn, and guilt,
     grown bold,
   Knelt worshiping at mammon's shrine.

This is the hour!  Corruption's band
   Is driven back; and periled right,
Rescued by the "fanatic" hand,
   Spans our broad heaven of light.

Righteousness ne'er - awestruck or dumb - 
   Feared for an hour the tyrant's heel!
Injustice to the combat sprang;
   God to the rescue - Liberty, peal!

Joy is in every belfry bell - 
   Joy for the captive!  Sound it long!
Ye who have wept fourscore can tell
   The holy meaning of their song.

'Tis freedom's birthday - blood-bought
   O war-rent flag! O soldier-shroud!
   Thine be the glory - nor too soon
   Is heard your "Cry aloud!"

PO 72

O not too soon is rent the chain
   And charter, trampling right in dust!
Till God is God no longer - ne'er again
   Quench liberty that's just.

Lynn, Mass., February 3, 1865.

PO 73

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