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The laying of the corner-stone of The Mother Church.

Laus Deo, it is done!
Rolled away from loving heart
     Is a stone.
Lifted higher, we depart,
     Having one.

Laus Deo, - on this rock
(Heaven chiseled squarely good)
     Stands His church, - 
God is Love, and understood
     By His flock.

Laus Deo, night star-lit
Slumbers not in God's embrace;
     Be awake;
Like this stone, be in thy place:
     Stand, not sit.

Grave, silent, steadfast stone,
Dirge and song and shoutings low
     In thy heart
Dwell serene, - and sorrow?  No,
     It has none,
     Laus Deo!

PO 77

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